Full member can be any legal entity that performs independently work within area relevant to advertising and marketing communications (advertisers, agencies, media, legal service providers in area of marketing communications and advertising). This entity has to accept goals of the Association and its Statute, and to apply for full membership.

Associate members can be any other legal entities which area of work is not within area of full members (like professional associations, non-profit and non-government organizations) that apply for membership, accept goals of the Association and its Statute.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the NAESA, either full or associate member, in order to initiate procedure for becoming a member, please send an inquiry along with the legal entity data to Association Secretariat.

Type of membership you are interested in:

The Secretariat will review your inquiry and if you fulfill conditions for admission to membership according to the NAESA Statute and in consultations with the Managing Board of Association, procedure for accepting application will be initiated within 14 days.

In the process of admission into membership, potential member shall submit complete application, that includes documents that are foreseen under Article 5 of the NAESA Statute (Letter of Intent and Declaration of Code Acceptance), and Managing Board shall, based on the complete application, make a decision on the admission into the Association.