Managing Board of the National Association for Ethical Standards in Advertising has elected members of the NAESO Commission during September 10th Board meeting.

Elected members of the NAESO Commission are:

  • Bojan Gligorijević, psychologist
  • Galjina Ognjanov – professor, University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics
  • Jovana Gligorijević – journalist, Vreme weekly, ASMEDI association
  • Maja Gabrijan – PR and HR coach
  • Miloš Stojković – lawyer, media law
  • Vladimir Čeh – President of the Court of Honour, UEPS
  • Vladimir Todorović, consultant

The Commission is an independent and expert NAESO body that is responsible for consistent application of the Marketing Communication Code in line with NAESO vision, that:

  1. provides expert opinion in relation to violations of the marketing communication and advertising code provisions, based on complaints received and requests submitted by any member of the association;
  2. provides prior assessment (copy advice) determining if a specific marketing communication (campaign or an element of a campaign) aligns with marketing communication and advertising code provisions, based on previously submitted applications;
  3. provides an interpretation of certain provisions of the Code upon members’ request;

According to The Commission Rule Book, members of the Commission are selected from a pool of reputable experts from fields relevant to the work of the Commission, and especially from marketing communication field, media law and advertising law, consumer protection, sociology, personal data protection, education, and other fields; and which have achieved significant and recognized accomplishments or have practical experience in fields of importance for the work of the Commission, and have established a reputation in the expert community.

After the establishment, the NAESO Managing Board and the Commission will produce a plan of activities and define fist steps to initiate the work of the Commission.