By establishing National Association for Ethical Standards in Advertising (NAESA), Serbia got an important self- regulatory body that will, in partnership with all media players, state institutions, professional associations and international organizations, work on promoting ethical standards in advertising and marketing communications. The NAESA was registered last week and on that occasion, on April 11, the Solemn Assembly was held in the Hotel Marriott in Belgrade. Sixteen companies and representatives of several associations signed the Letter of Intent. Members of NAESA are legal entities with business activities related to advertising, while the status of associate members and partners is granted to non-profit, non-governmental organizations and associations. Compliance with and application of ethical standards in advertising will contribute to promotion and development of media market in Serbia and all parties involved – from advertisers, marketing agencies, media publishers and consumers will benefit out of it. Association work plan was presented to participants and special attention was paid to membership within the European Alliance for Advertising Standards (EASA).

„Founding of self-regulatory body is an important step in regulating relations in the area of marketing communications and advertising. It was preceded by drafting the Code of Marketing Communications that has been harmonized with both local and European regulatory principles and professional team was drafting it for several years. Continuous communication with colleagues from different European countries and partnerships within the sector enabled the idea to create this Body to mature and get materialized,“  as Vanda Kučera, a Coordinator of the Working Group for Establishing the NAESA has said.

„NAESA will implement its mission statement by providing expert pieces of advice and interpretation in regards with the Code of Marketing Communications application, by reviewing all complaints related to advertising messages and campaigns, continuous educational activities, as well as by cooperation with all organizations and associations that are interested in, or can provide certain expertise. In this phase it is critically important all parties involved in marketing communications recognize advantages that self-regulatory system provides for and support development and work of the NAESA.”, as Jelena Ivanović, Executive Director of newly formed Association has explained.